All Pole and Striptease Please classes are limited to 10 ladies. We do not share poles!! Each student in these classes has their own pole to ensure plenty of pole time and a fantastic full body workout.  You’ll strengthen upper body, core, lose weight, tone and increase your overall strength. Please see a description of our fabulous classes below:


Level 1 Pole
Learn to trust the pole as you develop muscle and build core strength and incorporate transitions, spins and floorwork into mini choreographed routines that will engage muscles you never thought you had. It’s tough but so much fun and such a great workout!


Beginner Tricks/ Pole Conditioning
Learn beginner spins, transitions, combinations and climbs in this class that strengthens your core and upper body in preparation for more advance pole classes. No choreography will be taught in this class. All levels welcome. Shorts are required to provide more grip on the pole.
At least 4 conditioning classes required before advancing to Level 2 Pole.


Level 2 Pole
Use the transitions and beginner spins learned in Level 1 coupled with the conditioning and strengthening in Beginner Tricks/Conditioning, add more advanced spins, moves and combinations and you’ve got an amazing workout. Safely learn pole sits, hang backs, and condition/strength training preparation for inverting (going upside down). A mini routine is taught in this class. Beginner Pole Tricks/Pole Conditioning
required before enrolling. Heels Optional.


Level 3 Pole
You’re finally ready to go upside down! Combine transitions, spins, strengthening and conditioning learned in levels 1 and 2 you’ve got the recipe for exploring mind blowing aerial tricks that challenge you not only physically but mentally as well. You won’t believe the moves and tricks you can achieve with practice and quality competent instruction.


Belly Dancing
Shake and shimmy your way slim in this fun and fantastic class.


Striptease Please
Get in touch with that inner sex kitten as you learn a routine in this exciting class combining pole turns, transitions and floor work. The pole will be used as a “prop” only. Feet stay planted on the floor as there are NO pole spins in this class. All levels welcome. Knee pads encouraged but you can always tough it out.


Get ready to get your cardio on. This class will definitely get your heart pumping and fat burning.  Zumba is a calorie burning, Latin-based dance workout good for the mind, body, and soul.


Sexy Flexy/Floorwork
Become more flexible at any age in this class that fuses intense stretching and sexy floor work to tone and lengthen your muscles and strengthen your core. You also learn sensual floor moves to take home to your significant other.
Knee pads encouraged.


Used for much more than teasing that special someone or at dinner time, a kitchen chair can be used to add resistance to a workout building strength and toning. Learn a spicy chair or lap routine that’s guaranteed sauce it up in the bedroom as well as tone your core.


Sultry Pole
Learn a sexy routine in this slow and controlled class that will enhance flexibility, build core strength, and improve fluidity. Heels Optional.


Cardio Pole
Can’t get enough of pole spins? This class is for you. Get your heart pumping with tons of spins, combinations and dance moves. No choreography will be taught in this class. NOT for beginners. Must have been enrolled in pole classes at least 2 months.


Hot Body Bootcamp
This high impact aerobic, toning and sculpting class will get you into bikini body shape in no time. Tennis shoes required. Bring a mat if you have one.

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